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Holiday Special Vintage Style Christmas Red and Cream GIRLS Coat Tulle Dress Bows Headpiece Mini VALUE PACK #2 - Honeydrops Designs

Valentines Day Vintage Style Red and Cream GIRLS Mini VALUE PACK

Regular price $ 110.00 $ 87.95 Sale

A mini version of our full Value packs which doesn't disappoint! Created specifically with the coming Valentines Day in mind, this VP has everything you need - a great coordinating outfit, beautiful matching flower headpiece and hefty savings of over 20%!!! This pack retails for over $110!!

This is a great 3 piece collection your little clients will look amazing wearing! Such timeless pieces with lots of ruffles and layers of soft fabric and beautiful designs. If you are styling your own family Valentines Day session, this set will be the centerpiece!

Package contains one dresses, one coat and gorgeous crystal matching headpiece which can fit child trough adult. Gorgeous wardrobe in a box your clients will love and enjoy wearing for their photo sessions!

***All items pictured are in stock and ready to ship. Shipping within 1-2 business days.

***Please note, this pack cannot be broken into individual pieces or replaced with other designs. Most packs are OOAK (one of a kind combo) and cannot be duplicated. You can mix and match the sizes within the pack. For example, you can pick size 2/3T dress with a size 6/7 coat.

***As with all handmade items, occasionally some details might have slight variation in each headpiece depending on material availability at time of production. We will make every effort to match every element as close to the original as possible. That's what makes our headpieces unique and perfect!