Terms & Conditions

Thank you for visiting our website.   Customer satisfaction is very important to us!  Below is a list of guidelines to assist you in certain scenarios or with frequently asked questions.   Please note:  By purchasing from or visiting our website, you agree to all of our terms and conditions.


  • Honeydrops Designs hand crafts many of the items on our website, such as crowns, halos, headpieces, etc…   As a result, these items contain small parts.   Although everything is built sturdy and passes a quality check, we suggest parental guidance in the usage of these items with minors.
  • When working with hand-made items, it is very difficult to make an exact duplicate.   There are times when customers will request an order for a hand crafted item that they’ve seen on the website.   Every attempt to match this item will be made, but slight variations should be expected.   We will typically consult with you prior to moving forward if there will be a significant variation. 
  • When requesting a custom order with a specific deadline, we will inform you ahead of time if we can meet that deadline.  This is based on various factors:  our queue, materials required, amount of time allotted, etc…    The more time you give us, the better.    From time to time, we may recommend a faster means of shipping to meet your deadline.    Honeydrops Designs will not be held accountable due to shipping issues that are out of our control.   
  • Honeydrops Designs uses some international vendors.   Our label is only fixed to items that are expressly our own or designed exclusively for us.   As a retailer, however, we also sell items that we personally selected that fit into our style.   It is possible that these items may be sold by other shops as well.   We do not claim to own these items.   We are also not responsible for their authenticity.   We are responsible, however, for their quality if purchased through us.
  • Occasionally, Honeydrops Designs may hold a contest or giveaway.    Rules for each contest will be listed at that time.   All rules are subject to change without notification.   Contests may be terminated without notifications as well.    
  • Coupons or discount codes provided directly from Honeydrops Designs may be used prior to their expiration. Each coupon or code will list the guidelines for which it can be used.   All coupons and discounts may be terminated without notification by Honeydrops Designs.
  • All Terms and Conditions may be changed or altered without prior notification.   Changes will be reflected on our website as they occur.  



Honeydrops Designs is dedicated to making you a happy customer.   Sometimes, however, you might need to return/exchange an item.    Honeydrops Designs offers a 10 day return policy.   We ask that you contact Honeydrops Designs before initiating the return process.   We recommend that all returns have a tracking number.   We are not responsible for returns that we never received.   If item is returned in “used” condition (ie, worn down, customer damaged, tags missing, etc..), this may void the return policy.   All returns will be inspected upon receipt to determine if damage was the fault of Honeydrops Designs, transport, or otherwise.   If determined otherwise, this may void the return policy.   

  • Defective – All items, whether hand crafted or third party, go through a Quality check before shipping.   However, sometimes things slip through the cracks.   We will strive to quickly replace any defective item.   Shipping the new item to you is on us.   We will ship upon receipt of your defective product, unless other arrangements are secured.   If we no longer carry that product, we will offer a full refund or store credit of the product value and original shipping cost upon return of the defective item.  If free shipping was offered at the time of purchase, no shipping refund will be issued.   If the order was shipped with multiple items, the refunded shipping will be an estimate of the shipping cost for the defective item only.  Buyer is responsible for cost related to sending back the item in question.   Defective returns must occur within 5 days of receipt.   
  • Color – We strive to illustrate the exact color of each item in our photos.   From time to time, there may be slight variations in color due to lighting, shading, computer screen, etc…   We do not offer a refund for slight variations in color.   We only offer our standard refund if we mistakenly sent you the wrong color, ie, red instead of blue.   Faulty item must first be returned for an exchange or refund.
  • Size – Miscalculated sizes by the buyer are non-refundable.   We list our sizes as accurately as possible by using industry standards as our guideline.   If you have concerns about size, please contact us for additional measurements before placing your order.   We only offer our standard refund if we mistakenly sent you the wrong size, ie, we sent you a size 2 when you needed a size 5.   Faulty item must first be returned for an exchange or refund
  • Cancellation/Buyer’s Remorse – Due to the large amount of items that are custom made, we do not offer a refund due to cancellation or buyer’s remorse.   Once the order is placed, either our custom work begins or our ordering process begins to bring in your item from our vendors.    We cannot reverse these processes so we ask that you are 100% certain before placing your order.
  • Value Packs - Value Packs are designed to optimize your buying experience by giving you a bundled price for several items.   Value Packs are sold as displayed.  Alternate items cannot be substituted in a Value Pack.   Furthermore, all Value Pack sales are final on the entire bundle.   Should you receive a product within the bundle that is defective, we will attempt to repair or replace that specific product as long as the defect is reported within 10 days of receipt.   Shipping is non-refundable in the event of an exchange.   When repair/replace is not feasible, we will issue a store credit on the value of that specific item and not the entire Value Pack.   Buyer’s Remorse and/or incorrect sizes are not refundable for Value Packs under any circumstances.   
  • Sale/Clearance items – We do not offer refunds or exchanges on these items.  



We respect your right to privacy at Honeydrops Designs.   No information that you provide us would ever be shared without your consent, with the only exception being if law enforcement needed to intervene, such as cases that involve fraudulent credit card usage, threatening statements, etc…

  • Credit Card Payments – All credit card payments are “one-time” payments.   Your card information is not in any way stored.
  • E-mail – We may have obtained your e-mail via a couple means (you contacted us, signed up for the newsletter, entered a competition of ours, etc…).   We do not sell your e-mail to any third parties.   If you are signed up for the newsletter and wish to discontinue, please send us an “Unsubscribe” e-mail.
  • Shipping info – We collect your address information for the sake of delivering your items to you.   We do not sell your information to any third parties.



All photographs used on our website, or in connection with Honeydrops Designs, are not to be used without the express permission of Honeydrops Designs.   These photographs are provided as marketing tools and illustrations of our products.   They are received from various sources:

  • Sessions-  Much of the photography on our website comes to us from Professional Photographers that have used our products in their work.   We have an understanding with them that we will share these images on our website and affiliated materials.   We have their permission to do so.   This “permission” is between Honeydrops Designs and the photographer.   These photos cannot be used by anyone else without permission.
  • Stock Photos – Our vendors permit us to use some stock photos to promote our products.   Several websites can have the same stock photo.   Vendors can work with several shops.   However, we cannot permit the usage of stock photos taken directly from our website.
  • Internal Marketing – Many of the photos on our website are taken expressly by us, especially as this relates to custom pieces.   These photos are the property of Honeydrops Designs and are prohibited from any use without permission.