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Value Packs for Photographers

Are you a new photographer who is trying to build your collection of stylish girls outfits and accessories for your clients? Or are you a seasoned pro who is trying to refresh your styled sessions wardrobe with a few new and trendy designs? Or may be you are a mom of multiple girls, who struggles with matching colors, styles, and designs? Then, these Value Packs are for YOU!

That's right, these packs are for everyone who likes to look amazing and save some serious bucks! We have taken the worry away and created the Honeydrops VALUE PACKS, saving you the time that you would normally have to invest looking for each individual dress or accessory, and the money that it will cost you to build this wardrobe piece by piece. Our VPs offer great savings of 10-35%! We want you to keep that money, because we know there is plenty to spend it on, when you provide top quality photography services!

These Value Packs were created to match a certain style and every piece and design in each individual pack compliments the rest of the pack. There are a few new packs listed every week, so check back often. We hope you find the style that matches your personal style of photography your clients have come to know and love!

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